Kashmiri old songs

Kashmiri old songs

This List contains Some of the Sweet, popular, famous old Kashmiri Songs. Kashmiri Songs also changed a lot Like Hindi music. Many new musical instruments were added and a new system changed the old tradition. New singers, remix songs and dj's made them popular among youth. Here is a List of some popular old kashmiri Songs

Tule Naar from habba khatoon
[Size: 5.54 MB]

Gah Chon Pewan From Habba Khatoon Movie
[Size: 4.55 MB]

Chure Cholhum By Kailash Mehra Sadhu
[Size: 2.95 MB]

MALIE NEV HO From Habba Khatoon Movie
[Size: 5.17 MB]

Poshen Be Maal Karyo by kailash mehra
[Size: 3.28 MB]

Gachun Gaam Che Kael by vijay malla
[Size: 8.54 MB]

BEDARD DADE CHANE by Kailash Mehra
[Size: 5.04 MB]

Tule Naar Chum From Habba Khatoon Movie
[Size: 5.50 MB]

Karse Muen Naye Kailash Mehra Sadhu
[Size: 5.20 MB]

Dost Vanay Kos by Kailash Mehra Sadhu
[Size: 5.82 MB]

Kashmiri Music Videos

Kashmiri Music Videos

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poshan bahara yoar walo








Maulana Mushtaq Veeri Video bayaans

Maulana Mushtaq Ahmad veeri Videos

Here you will find all the latest bayans, videos, Naats, Islamic lectures, duas of Maulana Mushtaq Ahmad veeri Sahab. you can visit war4u.in for all Islamic downloads

Golden Words Of M. Mushtaq Veeri 
[Size: 2.71 MB]

Emotional Lecture About Marriage
[Size: 20.15 MB]

Sunnatan Chaanan Wandha Paan naat by veeri sahab
[Size: 9.96 MB]

moulana veeri sahab weeping in jummah during the flood
[Size: 3.35 MB]

Sword Of Islam, Kashmir Struggle. Video
[Size: 12.11 MB]

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Rashid jahangir kashmiri songs

  1. aaz yi mohammad Size: 6.87 MB
  2. ALLAH ALLAH Size: 5.91 MB
  3. HA YAAR MOKHTI HAAR Size: 9.07 MB
  4. Gas ta vael vel   Size: 6.29 MB
  5. mati roza madan waro Size: 18.94 MB

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Deepali Watal Songs

Smt. Deepali Wattal is a star who is shining in Kashmir valley. Deepali Ji has a lot of fans in Jammu and Kashmir and is one of the most talented singers in Kashmir. Deepali Ji has been singing since 1990. Deepali has sung about 2000 songs. these songs also include categories like Punjabi playback, Dogri, Pahari and of course Kashmiri.

deepali watal songs
deepali watal video


Deepali Ji owns Bachelors degree in Arts in music, Masters Degree in Music from Chandigarh university. Nowadays also pursuing Ph.D. in music. she is also a lecturer in vocal music since 2001


Other Songs:-
deepali watal photosBachaes Darmach Yaaris Patay, Gaah – Songs of Habba Khatoon, Rindha Ho, Vesiye Su Gulfam , Yaad Pyom , Waala Mashoke Miyane – Songs of Raje Begum , Devotional Albums (2) of Krishna Joo Rajdhan , Zayestha Mata, Saroor - Bhajans, Songs of Habba Khatoon for KBC England , Vaen Posh , Su Maane Pooji (Gopinath) , Bhav Posh , Aiete Rooz Madanvaro , Two Leela Albums of Bhawgan Gopinath , Aalau , Posh Puza (Kashmiri Bhajans), Kashmiri Bhajans for Prem Sangeet Nikatan, Sohihniye Gujrani (Gojri), Prem Rog (Himachali), Thandiya Hawaavan (Himachali), Saazna Tere Pyare Maa (Bhaderwahi) , Kachi Kali (Pahari), Neelama (Himachali), Dukhiye Kuhugayi (Gojri), Saajna Dili Siye (Bhaderwahi) , Paren Di Yan Panjaban (Dogri Songs for T-Series), Soon Saz , Rongli Madani (Dogri), Qatre Qatre Main Tu (Hindi), Tu Hi Nirankar (Two Albums in Hindi)

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